6a Sea Road, Fulwell

Sunderland, SR6 9BX

0191 549 1617


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In the event of an emergency please call:

For gas or heating repairs:

Deepfield Property Services:  Simon 07713255356

Seaburn Gas Services: Steve 07787548102 / info@seaburngas.co.uk

For general maintenance issues (inc roofing): Dave 07931323588

Please be aware these are to be used in emergency only. If at all possible please wait and report the problem direct to our office during opening hours. Any charges incurred are not assured to be covered by your landlord. Some problems are the responsibility of you as the tenant; in those cases you will be responsible for the cost. It is also not reasonable to expect your landlord to incur inflated charges for issues that could have been resolved, given a reasonable time, at a reduced rate.

For boiler problems be sure to check all possible solutions before calling:

  1. Make sure you have Gas supply.
  2. Make sure your boiler is at correct pressure.
  3. Make sure the pilot light is on.

For electrical problems:

  1. Make sure you have supply.
  2. Check all the individual trips in the consumer unit.
  3. Check the main trip in the consumer unit.
  4. Make sure you have not plugged in, or switched on, a faulty appliance.

Leaks or plumbing:

  1. If you spot a leak do what you can to reduce the impact.
  2. Turn off the water at the stop tap.


General emergency numbers are as follows:

Gas: TRANSCO – 0800 111 999

Electric: Northern Power Grid – 105 / 0800 011 3332

Water: Northumbrian Water – 0800 393 084